FSC Magazin Clip

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12€ für PETG Version 18€ für PC Version Beim Kauf von 3 Clips gibt es das 4. gratis dazu.

Hello fellow FSC Players!

Are you tired of searching the whole web for fitting pouches?
Are you tired of your paint releasing inside your pouches because of the stupid stop bar not stopping anything?
Are you always the one Player who covers the field with your unused paintballs because you tried to rip your mag out of the pouch while it got stuck?
Ever lost a mag while running over the field 

Fear no more! Wipe away your tears and invest in your life insurance on the field:

Let me introduce you to the first and (therefore) the best Magazine Clip for your FSC Paintball Marker!
Its design has been tested to the limits only to provide you with the best product possible.

The design features:

-Fits every FSC/T8.1 Mag
-(not) patented „AntiStopBarNotStoppingS***“-Design; Providing enough space when accessing/storing your mag on the field
-a beefy rubber ring to hold everything in place – even if you jump behind covers „matrix style“!
-hard outer shell to protect your valuable magazines
-easy one hand operation
-High-quality 3D Printed design with only the toughest materials (PC) out there! Because PLA is for benchys.

The Clip is designed to be inserted in a grenade pouch or anything big enough to fit the clip in. 
Note that if there is too much space in the pouch you want to stuff the remaining space (with socks or something) nice and tight to keep the clip in the pouch! 

Available in two colors: Black, White – If the demand is high enough I’ll provide gray and olive, too.